Elpis launched the first Crypto-Equity ICO starting with a pre-sale on November 1, 2017. When we at Elpis identified the ICO as the most viable of the means to fund our project, we also had to define the characteristics and features of our own ICO. As an innovative startup, the ICO represents for us a unique opportunity to actively contribute, from the very funding stage, in the definition of a new, more transparent, fair, efficient investing landscape.

We identified a Crypto Equity ICO as a way to bypass some of the main criticalities and issues emerged in the ICOs recent history. In fact, a “token,” or “coin,” backed by company’s equity will allow us to offer the investors a direct interest in our company, creating value and increasing the value of the coin itself.

The ICO will allow us to create the first token investment or crypto-investment opportunity. Our Crypto-Equity will be a direct investment in our company, creating a speculative system and market where our investors will be rewarded with a direct interest in our equity, increasing the value of the token itself. Plus, being supported on the Ethereum technology, the value will increase equally to the value of the cryptocurrency itself.

An ICO that issues such Crypto-Equity is more likely to really create a virtuous cycle, a sustainable system where both the company and the investors are involved. The token buyer, if eligible, can in the future redeem the tokens in exchange for real company’s shares via a platform like CapchainX, regulated and transparent in its operations. The company’s tokens can also be traded in a secondary market, offering the token holders a more liquid option.

The token as a Crypto-Equity has also another relevant consequence that is related to the issuer: if the token holder, as said, is investing in the company’s development and potential success, then the company is, in return, more directly called to execute the plans presented in auctioning the tokens, to keep moving forward the growth of the token’s value. Consequently increasing the value of the whole company, that is of its equity as well, in a potentially virtuous cycle that is going beneficial for all the parties involved.

We considered the choice to issue a token supported on the Ethereum blockchain as a fundamental opportunity to be truth to the innovative nature of our business. And, in this process, CapchainX represents the perfect match to bring our vision to life, following the lines we established for our ICO: the “tokens,” or “coins,” are digitally represented equity on a distributed ledger that the emitting company, through a Board of Directors agreement, will agree to emit.

This “tokens,” or “coins” will be backed up by a decided upon amount of shares. CapchainX will handle the destruction of the tokens and the exchange with company’s shares upon request of the investor and will oversee and guarantee the safety and real-time operation of the procedures, making sure that the BoD agreement exists and proceeds with the token emission.

Elpis Investments is the first Artificial Intelligence driven investment fund to manage both crypto assets and traditional assets. We use the latest technologies in the field of AI such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning to increase the performances of our strategies, while lowering costs and risks for our investors. In order to be fully transparent, we will implement the blockchain technology to publicly share our trading activities.

Our value proposition is very clear: the market needs a massive revolution of the business models and in the approach the investors. Trust, transparency, efficiency, and fairness are core pillars of Elpis investing system. Our model directly implements these values thanks to technology and a user-oriented approach. The technology we are developing allows us to keep costs down while increasing performances. Low biases and high accuracy, allow us to Manage the Risk of the market better than the industry standard. Moreover, we will work on performance only by abolishing fixed commissions.

Elpis platform is offering the investors the diversification of investments, low-risk and high-performances thanks to our deployment of Artificial Intelligence. Elpis system represents also an opportunity for retail and non-professional investors to invest like high net-worth individuals in highly profitable markets. Elpis is at the same time an opportunity for institutional and professional investors to diversify their portfolio with cryptocurrencies, with fewer risks than the ones of active traditional assets management (human trading).

We offer low-cost commissions as we do not charge management fees and we will work only on performance fees, a blockchain auditing system in development that will be ready during the public ICO. If compared to other players, like Blackmooncrypto for example, Elpis system is fully AI-driven while, even if they are offering assets allocation, their is a human and more traditional trading system: they can be, potentially, our clients.

The Crypto-Equity ICO fundraising is the first and newest legal framework allowing to create and sell a safer token during the ICO. Lately, there have been many scams in the ICO market: the advantage of a Crypto Equity ICO is that it backs tokens with a real and accountable value that could be exchanged in the future for real equity (depending on the amount bought, as in an IPO).

To summarise: Elpis Crypto Equity are backing cryptographic tokens with company’s equity. This means that each “coin” or token auctioned can be exchanged for real company share certificates in the future, if redeemed by an “eligible” token holder. The tokens, nevertheless, can be traded in a secondary market, offering a more liquid option to the token holders. Once share certificates are redeemed, the tokens are destroyed and the token holder becomes a “shareholder.” Token holders will need to meet eligibility criteria to become “shareholders,” meaning that they need to pass the security’s KYC, AML, net worth procedures.

Elpis Crypto-Equity ICO is an innovative chance for investors that are looking to invest in a truly innovative enterprise. Our project received the endorsement of innovators such as Ian Scarffe, Manan Metha, Gabriel Zanko, Desmond Marshall, Simon Cocking. They decided to get involved in Elpis project as Advisors and Board Members because they believe in Elpis business model, core values and potential.

With them and investors who believe in real innovation, Elpis will continue to work on shaping a new investing landscape: more fair, transparent and efficient.


If you want to join the investing revolution, check our Crypto-equity ICO Fundraising at www.elpisinvestments.com, to know more about Elpis ICO and the discounted pre-sale that has started on November 1, 2017.

Giuseppe Solinas

Chief Editor of Elpis Investments, The first AI Crypto-Assets Investment Fund: www.elpisinvestments.com, info@elpisinvestments.com

Originally published at medium.com on November 4, 2017.

Web Editor and Translator